Daddy’s Funny! Deadspin: Confessions of a Terrible Father; Or, How to Fight that Urge to Put Your Kid Through a Wall

One of the loosest literary cannons over at Deadspin is undoubtedly Drew Magary, a blogger and author at the forefront (along with TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott) of the recent wave of sports writers steeped in geekdom so unapologetic as to revolutionize the genre. Besides appreciating his ’90s indie rock references and free association rants, boobuddha truly digs how, when addressing reader questions, Magary is the extreme opposite of judgemental. In fact, he seems to embrace and empathize with our most bizarre anecdotes. Click through to read today’s cathartic exploration of the common parental temper tantrum.

“You’re not getting through a single day unscathed.”

About Suzanne

Suzanne touts an MFA from Southern Methodist University, an Online Marketing specialization from more than 8 years of heavy lifting, an honorary "best mommy" award from her son Zen and a NYC triathlete completion certificate. She is a women's rights activist and humanitarian, believing in equal rights for everyone.
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