Life is Rich and Love is Why (boobuddha the bard’s fam flip freestyle)

Love is realism, not fluff, stuff of fantasy / Or what we say’s sexy, true partners bring humanity / And my sanity is peace orientated / Still collide with the bride my third eye appreciates / Search, splurge, to purge every urge / On the verge, discouraged flip to the dub version / Uplift through the roots, grow strong in every kiss / Brothers and sisters have to share what both halves miss / And complete, can’t compete, the eternal heart beat / Hits em with a riddim, changes bitter to sweet / While some say it’s known that we all die alone / Long as I’m breathin’ I’m believin’ our hearts are already home / Until that day we expire and pass in silence / Turn the other cheek, shy away from violence / and still keep it real can you feel my reply: / Life is rich, this love is why

Life is rich and love is why / That’s why my soul flies as I watch us grow – so let’s go!

Woke up early on your born day, “False alarm?” we’re thinking / Five weeks before your due date, didn’t even bring the suitcase / Surprise, eight hours later you were out of mom already / Pretty smooth delivery, and boom! It’s a little me / Handful and a half  24-7 and then some / Now sleeps through the night but come daylight / Time conundrum continues, so we / Face the unknown, embrace the wonder born / Never dreamed of all love could bring / Bright eyes your wide smile and those future things / From Brooklyn look then connect the dots quick / Work the underground, see how it all clicks / Yeah life’s all there for you to take it / Like whatever! However I know you’ll never fake it / Make your own motto – words that echo loud tomorrow / Could catch wreck in style, so come correct child / Once I looked at the horizon, just I and the rising sun / Saying “One day…” – well that one day’s come / While life is a marathon no matter which mile I’m on / Since the minute you came along every moment is dawn

Life is rich and love is why / That’s why my soul flies as I watch you grow – less’go!

(Backstory. Happy New Year’s all, one love.)

About Suzanne

Suzanne touts an MFA from Southern Methodist University, an Online Marketing specialization from more than 8 years of heavy lifting, an honorary "best mommy" award from her son Zen and a NYC triathlete completion certificate. She is a women's rights activist and humanitarian, believing in equal rights for everyone.
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