Riomaggiore days (a reflection)

The Ligurian Sea traces a blue line across the sky

Then fades into the haze

as the sunlight shimmers towards us

these Riomaggiore days

Coves promise solitude

where stone sculptures won’t sway

up the gardened coast

where the Cinque Terre lay

Vineyards spill down steep stepped cliffs

sea salt kisses our lips

and the fishermen’s ways

carry on through the rain

’til the mist lifts away

and warm afternoons splash

across Riomaggiore days

Tourists click photographs, pass through, go away

Travellers explore the blessed coast, remain as long as they may

to trace white slivers in the stone

along pebbled beaches to places that few ever reach

The tide ebbs gently, brings the soul and mind to peace

’til the fishing boats float back in

calling us home for a feast

as the rosy sun slips away

and the earth shifts along east

A gypsy guitar plays, the town falls asleep

and we lose track of the ways we are graced

throughout each Riomaggiore day

(P.D., 10/12/99)

Photo by Alex Bershaw

About peterdedman

Copywriter and Director for leading digital entertainment and tech companies. I am a father, husband, lyricist and basketball savant.
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