Give Thanks for Hip-Hop | Download Vvs Verbal’s SoulFood Shack

This Thanksgiving’s perfect soundtrack comes straight from the Back Blocks of Flatbush, Brooklyn. The seeds for the project were sown almost a year ago, when Bucktown USA’s Vvs Verbal, on the verge of releasing his long-awaited album The Rebirth of the Slickest, followed a creative digression that had caught fire within.

Recorded in just a few weeks, SoulFood Shack is chock full of skills, skillets, and skits (lifted from Hollywood’s greatest home cooked hits). Arranged like a twelve-course meal and sonically as nourishing as an Ital platter, the mixtape finds Verbie exploring a different angle on his slang, and eliciting similarly newfound themes from his Bucktown associates. Take a taste of “How Good (So Soulful),” his collab with Guappy and General Steele below. Groove on the Jewels-produced “Do the Dishes” at the top of this post. Then sate your appetite fully and click the link to get yourself this fantastic free download.

Free Download: Vvs Verbal – Soulfood Shack (Bucktown USA)

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