Forward Home. This evening I played music for my two year old:  Pandora’s Alton Ellis station. A rocksteady foundation is imperative, right? Built not just on riddim but through appreciation for the talented Jamaican singers who proliferated during that era. The gentle giant, Ken Boothe, Hopeton Lewis, and more crooners. Harmony trios like The Techniques and The Paragons. Phyllis Dillon. So tonight the music continued past dinner and putting the boy to bed. After some time a song came on I didn’t know, but the singer was so fabulous I went running for the Sonos remote—and anyone who knows me will agree that it’s funny that the singer I failed to recognize was Mr. Horace Andy, recorded in 1975 performing a cover of the Bob Andy classic, “We’ve Got to Forward Home.” I think the station got the name wrong, “…Go Forward Soon” or something like that. But a true crate-dug gem from an automated playlist that I’ve perhaps underestimated until now. 

image Strictly Vibes

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Copywriter and Director for leading digital entertainment and tech companies. I am a father, husband, lyricist and basketball savant.
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