while walking to the apartment with the kids in the rain a drunk man approached and told us about a dui and his impounded car and how his granddaughter died so i gave him the ball of ones in my pocket and the kids asked Who was that? Why did you give him money? What happened to his granddaughter? and instead of responding with I dont know, sometimes people have real bad days i would rather have shaken off the wet in the mud room before retreating to the warmth of my study where i would soon after summon the children for a well-delivered gregory peck lecture on empathy and kindness and generosity and brotherhood and how not to ever act the sucka cuz you little motherfuckers are brooklyn born and bred and dont you ever forget that shit

guerreotype: parenting

About peterdedman

Copywriter and Director for leading digital entertainment and tech companies. I am a father, husband, lyricist and basketball savant.
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