Free Kids Events: May 31st-June 1st

Saturday, May 31st

Jefferson Market Flower Fest in Greenwich Village, NYC



Kids Author Carnival in Greenwich Village, NYC

Kids author carnival


Carrol Park Community Fair in Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn (My hood!).  It’s a small arts and craft fair in a great park for the kids.

Carrol Park


Sunday, June 1st: 

Drums along the Hudson: Native American & Multi-Cultural Festival in Inwood, NYC

Drums Along the Hudson

Pier Kids: Morgan Taylor of Gustafer Yellowgold in Brooklyn, NYC (my hood!)

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.33.39 PM




About Suzanne

Suzanne touts an MFA from Southern Methodist University, an Online Marketing specialization from more than 8 years of heavy lifting, an honorary "best mommy" award from her son Zen and a NYC triathlete completion certificate. She is a women's rights activist and humanitarian, believing in equal rights for everyone.
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