It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane…it’s Superbear!

Zen recently flew around the park in Finley’s awesome Superbear cape, made with love by Heather Donohue. Heather Donohue owns her own craft business, which you can find here. She created this cape on consignment. Is it me or is there a market for Superbear Backcapes like these? Zen fell in love with it, even though it was a tad small for him. It helped that his Uncle Tim was spinning him around in the air like a real life Superman! I want Heather to design a Boobuddha cape.  Can you help me come up with a Boobuddha design?

Superbear FrontSuperbear Flying

About Suzanne

Suzanne touts an MFA from Southern Methodist University, an Online Marketing specialization from more than 8 years of heavy lifting, an honorary "best mommy" award from her son Zen and a NYC triathlete completion certificate. She is a women's rights activist and humanitarian, believing in equal rights for everyone.
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