Beneath the Waves: ‘Yellow Submarine’ 3D Cartoon Dives Deep

In honor of birthday honoree Ringo Starr (the Beatles’ drummer turns 74 today), we turn our attention to an anomalous animated artifact–this 3D cartoon clip of “Yellow Submarine,” the whimsical tune on which Ringo took a rare lead vocal turn (although contrary to common belief, the song was written by Paul McCartney; for a classic Starr composition check out “Don’t Pass Me By“).

In recent years it seemed that a feature-length remake of the iconic 1968 film was in the works, but the Robert Zemeckis-helmed Disney project was cast overboard before it ever left dock. We’re not sure whether the clip here is related in any way to that scuttled vessel, as the YouTube user “Mr. Droid” who uploaded it offers precious little detail about either himself or the production. What we do know is that the concept behind this ‘toon tribute is spot on: indeed evoking a “life of ease” while invoking the submerged sonics and other shifts in perception that accompany a valiant voyage beneath the sea’s surface.

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