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A Fart App (Little) Boys Are Going to Love

I came out of my mother’s womb with absolutely no sense of humor. Ok, I take that back. I had a slight sense of humor, but more of an adult, boring kind of humor. I’ve since relaxed a bit (I … Continue reading

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A Comet “Lands” in Brooklyn

Last weekend, I happened upon an exhibit from the World Science Festival. Had I known it was ending on June 1st, I would have posted about it sooner, as it featured an amazing sculpture to view amidst the backdrop of NYC … Continue reading

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How to Get Girls Into Coding

A really thoughtful opinion article about how to solve the gender gap in computer science. The theme that I hear again and again, which I agree, is that there aren’t enough women role models in the industry today. Without true … Continue reading

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Six Grade School Girls Build “Hello Navi”, an App for the Blind

This post is all from Geek Mommy who loves Geek Daddy! I love to hear stories about girls making a difference in technology.  I think these stories are important because it’s going to empower and inspire more girls to get involved … Continue reading

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Look Daddy! Cardboard, Is There Anything You Can’t Do? A covetous instinct from childhood was awoken upon seeing the title of Jonathan Liu’s Wired article “The 5 Best Toys of All Time”. And really, who wants to be reminded of all … Continue reading

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