A Fart App (Little) Boys Are Going to Love

I came out of my mother’s womb with absolutely no sense of humor. Ok, I take that back. I had a slight sense of humor, but more of an adult, boring kind of humor. I’ve since relaxed a bit (I think). In fact, now that I’m raising a toddler, I delight in things that used to make me roll my eyes. For example, I used to despise fart jokes and could’t understand what made them so endlessly funny to boys. I had no patience for what I considered plain “stupidity” (Yep, I was so much fun back then!).

Now, I find myself making a scene when my little boy farts, guffawing like a school boy. Did I regress, or am I just expanding my horizons? I don’t know, and really don’t care. I just like to make him smile…

This app is going to make little boys smile everywhere. Plus it has a secret educational mission: sneakily teaching kids about nutrition.

Fart Code was featured on CoCreate and recommended to me via Dave Pell’s Next Draft app–and if you haven’t downloaded his app, you should get that, too. I always find something good to read from Pell’s recommendations.


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A Comet “Lands” in Brooklyn

Comet along Brooklyn BridgeComet in Brooklyn

Last weekend, I happened upon an exhibit from the World Science Festival. Had I known it was ending on June 1st, I would have posted about it sooner, as it featured an amazing sculpture to view amidst the backdrop of NYC and the Brooklyn Bridge.

The sculpture represents a scaled version of a real comet, “Churyumov-Gerasimenko” (who named this thing??). In an ambitious effort to land on the live comet, back in 2004 the European Space Agency launched a spacecraft called Rosetta. In the past decade, Rosetta has traveled 3.7 billion miles and is finally slated to land this November.

Awesome–I want to watch!

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Little kid falls asleep in his toy car and ends up driving in circles

This is hilarious. Need I say more?

Originally shared on Sploid.

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How to Get Girls Into Coding

girls can codeA really thoughtful opinion article about how to solve the gender gap in computer science. The theme that I hear again and again, which I agree, is that there aren’t enough women role models in the industry today. Without true role models, it’s hard for young women to envision themselves in these fields.

Natalie Rusk, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab who helped design a kid’s programming tool called Scratch had this to say: “One of the key reasons to broaden participation is to get more diversity of who is designing these technologies,” she said. “It’s being presented as, ‘Learn how to program,’ ” she said, “but not, ‘What do you want to program? What’s your idea?’ ”

Start by paying attention to what girls are doing on their screens today. What are they playing? If you build programs around creating apps for popular games, you might just attract more girls’ attention.


How to Get Girls Into Coding – NYTimes.com.

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Osmo Interactive iPad Game for Kids

Another advertising win! This advertisement showed up in my husband’s feed and looks really cool. It’s an interactive, educational game your kids can play in combination with an iPad and live objects. Check out this video and visit Osmo to find out more. I think the technology shows a lot of promise, but the games that it comes with today aren’t that revolutionary or impressive. If you pre-order it before June 22nd, you can get it for 1/2 price. However, the price is still a bit steep in my opinion at $49. I’m excited for future releases, though!

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Coolest Kids’ Room on the Planet: Dry Erase Wall Decals

Munny World Wall Decal

 I love when advertisements actually expose me to something I want to buy.  These wall decals are a cool decorating idea for your kid’s rooms. What a  fun project to do together! Although, hopefully your kids will color within  the lines and  not decide to customize the rest of your walls!


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GIF Video of a Roller Coaster

Look Daddy:  It’s a Flip Video, a Vine and a Roller coaster all in one!  It also recreates the bumpy ill feeling of being on one.

Roller Coaster GIF

It’s a Gif of a Roller Coaster!

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Six Grade School Girls Build “Hello Navi”, an App for the Blind

This post is all from Geek Mommy who loves Geek Daddy!

I love to hear stories about girls making a difference in technology.  I think these stories are important because it’s going to empower and inspire more girls to get involved in projects like this.

Girls App for Blind with Border

Congratulations to a group of six grade school girls from Los Fresnos, Texas who took it upon themselves to solve a problem for blind kids. With the help of MIT Media Lab, the girls build an app to help them navigate their way around school. The girls won the Verizon Innovative App Challenge and were recently whisked away to meet President Obama, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Kari Byron from MythBusters for their efforts.

Read more from Techcrunch.

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Free Kids Events: May 31st-June 1st

Saturday, May 31st

Jefferson Market Flower Fest in Greenwich Village, NYC



Kids Author Carnival in Greenwich Village, NYC

Kids author carnival


Carrol Park Community Fair in Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn (My hood!).  It’s a small arts and craft fair in a great park for the kids.

Carrol Park


Sunday, June 1st: 

Drums along the Hudson: Native American & Multi-Cultural Festival in Inwood, NYC

Drums Along the Hudson

Pier Kids: Morgan Taylor of Gustafer Yellowgold in Brooklyn, NYC (my hood!)

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.33.39 PM




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Young Love: Michael Cera presages George Michael Bluth

This gallery contains 3 photos.

If you’re not ready to romance Valentine’s away to season 2 of House of Cards, Netflix does offer more innocent charms:  say, an endearing young Michael Cera in the after-school-specialness that is Ultimate G’s: Zac’s Flying Dream. Though the pre-teen actor only … Continue reading

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